A Message from the Chief Operating Officer

Dear valued customers, partners and associates,sandip

At PICO Envirotec the primary focus has always been Research & Development, working very closely with clients and often delivering ingenious solutions to their individual problems. Over the period of the last two decades, we developed many systems and software for both airborne and ground geophysical surveys that are being used by clients world-wide. Our focus on R&D has allowed us to be very flexible. We are proud to state that most of the 100+ airborne installations are unique and specifically tailored to the type of aircraft and client’s needs.

Our commitment to working with clients and our R&D focus have made us the only company in the world that provides complete turnkey airborne geophysical systems! We didn’t stop at that, we are the first ones (and probably the only one) to use an Android based data acquisition system with survey navigation for our ground instruments that can be deployed on commonly accessible Smartphones or Tablets.

Recently, we developed solutions in the field of Radiation Monitoring and Detection which assisted us in gaining entry into the nuclear environmental and security markets. IRIS Radiation Monitoring System, our flagship system for this market has been sold to China, Japan, Czech Republic, Hong Kong as well as other countries.

At this juncture, I would like to inform you that PICO Envirotec has recently been acquired (100%) by Nuvia (www.nuvia-group.com), a company in France who are a nuclear specialist, covering both civilian and defense sectors, across the complete lifecycle from new build, through operations and maintenance, to final decommissioning and waste management. Nuvia in turn is a part of VINCI (www.vinci.com), a French multinational conglomerate with about 200,000 employees having presence in over 100 countries.

The new ownership has brought us many strengths, including access to a vast pool of experts and global reach. To reflect the new corporate relationship and in line with corporate branding, we are pleased to introduce the new ‘look’ of PICO, which will be represented in our stationaries and communications.

Going forward, what will not change is our commitment in working with our clients and our emphatic focus on R&D. We will continue to improve upon our products to make them more reliable and to deploy new ones, with the goal of increasing efficiencies for our clients and saving them time and money.

We at PICO thank all our clients and associates who drive us to push ourselves farther to deliver better and more reliable solutions.