AGRSCalib Software

The AGRSCalib software provides means for verification of proper operation of the digital spectral detection and  is intended to be used with or without the RADScout (Radiation Information System) or AGIS (Airborne Geophysical Information system) specific hardware.

AGRSCalibThe AGRS Gamma Spectrometer is an advanced spectrometer utilizing NaI(Tl) detectors with individual detector handling via a digital peak detector. It is hardware-software designed system, exhibiting simplicity, easy interfacing and substantial versatility.

Use of the digital peak detector reduces nonlinearity and almost eliminates “zero base shift” and the “dead time”. This is achieved through a digital processing of each detected photon that almost completely eliminates the decaying part of the photon and internal DC coupling.

Natural peak detection algorithm provides safe and fast system stabilization without detector housing temperature stabilization and without implanted radioactive sources in the detector housing. Elimination of implanted sources (usually Cs137) for stabilization means no spectra pollution on low energies and therefore better sensitivity of the system for man-made isotopes.

When calibrated (with Th source) linearity and zero offset of the each detector are measured and mathematical correction coefficients are calculated and stored. When operating in real time (collecting data) the gain, linearity and offset of each detector is mathematically corrected for each measurement.
Individual detector tracking (tuning) and linearity correction provide better fit of the individual spectra that are being summed and therefore sharper (better resolution) spectrum is obtained.

The AGISCalib software enables you to:

  • Remotely set high voltage for each sensor
  • Remotely turn each sensor on or off
  • Appoint it as an “downward” or “upward” looking detector
  • Set the system threshold
  • Observe each detector independently
  • Observe all detectors in two groups – down/up
  • Display Uncorrected/Corrected/Tracking spectra
  • Observe an instant (one second) spectra or summed over period of time
  • Calibrate individual detectors for linearity with the help of natural background radiation

The AGRS System can be optionally controlled by the altitude of the aircraft and calculate absolute values of contamination by individual radionuclide related to the ground and provide the dose rate related to 1meter above the ground. Interfacing via Ethernet using TCP/IP protocol makes communication very fast, flexible and reliable.

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