Advanced Navigation System (ANAV)

AutoNavNUVIA Dynamics Inc. offers an advanced navigation system ANAV designed for airborne geophysical survey tasks either for Fixed-Wing or Helicopter*.

The ANAV offers support of two displays:

  • An operator display.
  • A pilot Guidance Unit.

An on-board operator can control and navigate the survey, selecting survey or tie lines to be flown, measuring points (way points), etc.

The flight can be flown without an operator. In this case, you can load the survey flight plan into the system, and the system will define the best closest survey line to start and guide the survey following a preset line sequence.

The PGU screen offers cross-track guidance for pilot, providing information on a destination to the start/end of the line, next line or way point. The system can also provide drape profile** information for pilot, indicating drape in front and on the both sides of the aircraft.

The ANAV unit can also be adjusted to support additional sensors, and can be upgraded to a full data acquisition system with a support of Magnetic, Gamma-Ray Spectrometry and EM measurements.


PGU screen with drape profile


* The ANAV is aimed for survey navigation only and cannot be used for aircraft flight guidance.

** The drape profile has to be prepared using appropriate third-party software.

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