About NUVIA Dynamics Inc.

NUVIA Dynamics Inc. is a leader in airborne geophysical surveying as well as in the design and manufacturing of turnkey Geophysical and Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation and Software for precision airborne and / or surface magnetic, electromagnetic, and radiation data acquisition programs.

The company’s Geophysical Services division offers a new level of innovation through the NuTEM™ helicopter electromagnetic system as well as NUVIA Dynamics’ well known Radiometrics and Magnetic systems. Surveys have  been performed at industry-standard test site facilities as well as on surveys for major mining companies.

History of Excellence

NUVIA Dynamics performs airborne surveys and designs and manufactures a range of advanced geophysical hardware systems for mining, oil/gas, environmental and nuclear/radiation monitoring.  All design, engineering and development is performed in-house by a team of geophysicists, engineers and technicians. NUVIA Dynamics’ next-generation technology is used globally by private and public sector clients.

Based in Toronto,Canada the company has installed systems for government and private sector clients.  All design, development and installation is performed by our team of Geophysicists, Engineers and Technicians in-house and are part of the larger company structure that includes Sales, Marketing, Administration and Software design, supporting project installations globally.

Corporate History

NUVIA Dynamics is driven to meet its commitments, in part, as an active member of the Vinci Construction group. Vinci is a global corporation committed to building long-term value for customers, shareholders, employees and society with two lines of business, Concessions and Contracting. 

Vinci provides a design, finance, build and operate model of infrastructures and facilities, with over 192,700 staff in 100 countries. Vinci construction projects include airports, road and rail infrastructure, car parks and stadiums with Concessions focused on contracting in energy, transport and communication infrastructure, roads, rail and urban development and building, civil and hydraulic engineering and construction related specialties.

NUVIA Dynamics Inc features the following key developments:

  • founded in 1992;
  • supplies airborne Electromagnetics, Magnetics and Radiometrics surveys globally;
  • supplies range of geophysical & radiation monitoring instruments from off the shelf to customized turn-key systems adapted to client’s requirements;
  • pursues R&D projects, integrating the state-of-the-art technologies into its products;
  • installed well over 150 systems for different clients all around the world


From an instrumentation perspective, the company delivers products suitable for mobile use plus a stationary magnetic base station.  Mobile applications are either on airborne platforms, such as Fixed Wing, Helicopter or Drone installations, or on portable platforms, such as All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). Applications for the company’s technologies include mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration, environmental assessment, archeological investigations and mapping of either man-made or natural radioelements.

All instrument design, engineering and development is performed in-house by experienced software and hardware engineers and geophysicists. Based in Toronto, Canada, the company’s projects are global in scope, serving both governments and private sector clients.

NUVIA Dynamics has been in business since 1992 and the company’s engineers, geophysicists and technicians provide a knowledge base that drives instrumentation and software development with over 150 projects completed to date.  the company has installed systems for both government and private sector clients.

Key Company Differentiators

Some of the indicators that differentiate NUVIA Dynamics in the earth sciences sector is its commitment to research and development, to fully meeting client-specific data acquisition requirements, and to providing excellence in service delivery. This focus is a key to NUVIA Dynamics success in providing robust, high volume solutions featuring the latest in geophysical contracting as well as electronic, sensor and configuration technologies.

Specific Classes of Products

NUVIA Dynamics focuses on data acquisition products through its permanent software and hardware development efforts. Data acquisition is a strength of the company with a specialization in high volume data acquisition systems and software as well as systems that are provisioned with on-board precision Navigation systems – a unique feature of the company’s instrumentation and software development programs that brings an integrated solution to the marketplace for the first time. Main company products include:

  • Airborne & Ground Gamma-Ray Spectrometry systems;
  • Airborne & Ground High Sensitivity Magnetic Field acquisition systems;
  • Helicopter Time Domain Electromagnetic systems (NuTEM™);
  • Pilot Guidance and Integrated Navigation systems;

NUVIA Dynamics was founded as Pico Envirotec Inc. in 1992 and is known as a preferred supplier of a wide range of geophysical and radiation data acquisition instruments and software. We deliver both off-the-shelf solutions and custom solutions that integrate both NUVIA Dynamics’ and Third-Party instrumentation and data formats. The company’s emphasis is on customer satisfaction and R&D designed to meet customer-specific requirements for high volume data acquisition in both geophysical and nuclear detection and monitoring industries.

Geophysical Airborne Surveys

The company’s Geophysical Surveys division utilizes the NUVIA Dynamics line of products, providing a cost advantage for its customers whose survey costs typically include their provider’s instrumentation depreciation costs. 

For detailed technical specifications or to configure a Geophysical Survey solution, please contact us at info@nuvia-dynamics.com.


The company has specially designed solutions for the following Applications in Earth Sciences. They include Geophysical and Radiation Monitoring measurements (airborne, mobile and portable) are used in many industries through a variety of unique project applications. 

Applications of the company’s surveys and instruments are:

  • Minerals Exploration – Magnetic measurements (Mag), Gamma Spectroscopy (Spec ) and Time Domain  ElectroMagnetic (TDEM) systems are used in greenfields, brownfields, near-mine surveying and remote locations
  • Oil/Gas – Magnetic measurements and Gamma Spectroscopy systems are used for ground exploration
  • Environmental (Radiation)–Gamma Spectroscopy systems are used in emergency and peace application to detect man made radiation pollution
  • Environmental (Hydrogeology)–Magnetic measurements, Gamma Spectroscopy  and TDEM systems are used in applications such as pond leakage, hydro-geology
  • Engineering – Magnetic measurements and TDEM systems are used for projects like railway corridor construction, power line construction, buried pipeline detection, un-mapped (old) mine location etc.
  • Archaeology –  Magnetic gradiometry systems are effective when used in combination with archaeological expertise to detect historical sites
  • Unexploded Ordnance – Magnetic systems with multiple sensors are used for detection of unexploded ordnance characterized by magnetic signatures.