Geophysical and Radiation Monitoring  measurements (airborne, mobile and portable) are used in many industries through a variety of unique project applications.  Some of them  include:

Minerals Exploration – Magnetic measurements (Mag), Gamma Spectroscopy (Spec ) and Time Domain  ElectroMagnetic (TDEM) systems are used in greenfields, brownfields, near-mine surveying and remote locations

Oil/Gas – Magnetic measurements and Gamma Spectroscopy systems are used for ground exploration

Environmental -1 –Gamma Spectroscopy systems are used in emergency and peace application to detect man made radiation pollution

Environmental-2 –Magnetic measurements, Gamma Spectroscopy  and TDEM systems are used in applications such as pond leakage, hydro-geology

Engineering – Magnetic measurements and TDEM systems are used for projects like railway corridor construction, power line construction, buried pipeline detection, un-mapped (old) mine location etc.

Archaeology –  Magnetic gradiometry systems are effective when used in combination with archaeological expertise to detect historical sites

Unexploded Ordnance – Mag systems with multiple sensors are used for detection of unexploded ordnance with a magnetic signature