Radiation Recognition Algorithm and the Replay Tool with DNDO

Radiation Recognition Algorithm and the Replay Tool with DNDO

NUVIA Dynamics Inc. (formerly known as Pico Envirotec Inc.) participated in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) program for the Replay Tool and Algorithm improvement with Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), a Federal agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Replay Tool System is a batch oriented application and can handle more than 5000 files, using customizable Radionuclides libraries and Identification algorithms.

The Radiation Detection System Replay Tool and Radiation Recognition Algorithm improvement were developed during the CRADA Project.

The Replay Tool is a stand-alone version of the algorithms employed in the radiation detection system to generate alarm decisions and indicators.  Its primary function is to reproduce the algorithm that is used in a Radiation Detection system as closely as possible.

The Radiation Recognition Algorithm is an algorithm used to detect, identify, or categorize radiation signatures in input data, including Radionuclide Identification from a radionuclide library.

The Replay Tool system can work with the data acquired with instruments supporting NUVIA Dynamics’ (Pico Envirotec’s) binary data format or any data in a format meeting ANSI N42.42 requirements. It can handle more than 5000 files providing resulting output data in ANSI N42.42 format.

The Replay Tool System was tested by DNDO specialists and can be supplied with any of NUVIA Dynamics’ systems for Radiation Detection and Monitoring which are offered for a wide range of customers in Homeland Security (HLS), Emergency First Response (EFR, HAZMAT), CBRNe, Border Control and other Law Enforcement and Environment Control industry sectors.

Radiation Monitoring

Radiation Monitoring

Radioactive materials are widely used in energy, heavy machinery and medicine production, science and many other areas. This results in a higher risk of dislocation of used radioactive materials even though that sophisticated procedures are used to control the movement of such materials. For that reason there is a need for a fast affordable service to resolve situation when the mishandling of radioactive materials happens either by an accident or malicious intent. This includes storage and transportation control, emergency response for detection search and recovery of radioactive materials. This type of actions require a global approach, adequate instrumentation, logistics and sophisticated, internationally interconnected processing power. It requires airborne, vehicle-based, portable, stationary (in-situ) detection and monitoring systems, field contamination sampling and laboratory analysis and identification.

NUVIA Dynamics provides a wide range of nuclear and radiation technology solutions. Technology platforms are designed for quick deployment and response on a variety of platforms for a variety of project demands.

AirborneMobilePortable SpectrometerPortable Dosimeter

NUVIA Dynamics Radiation Monitoring  solutions  are ideally suited for use in the following  response events:

  • Regional and territorial radiation monitoring including urban and industrial areas
  • Fast and accurate data tracking and analysis
  • Real time data accuracy and integrity
  • Site radioactive contamination identification
  • Localization and identification of unknown radioactive sources
  • Non-standard monitoring including at water sources, checkpoints, exit points and at transportation hubs
  • Simulation tests and radioactive event preparation

NUVIATech Instruments

NUVIA Dynamics also proudly offers and provides Sales/Service in North America for several other radiation measurement products from its NUVIA-related sister companies located in Germany, the Czech Republic, France and the UK under the NUVIATech Instruments brand.  Please click here for more information.




A real-time data acquisition and navigation system designed for airborne (fixed wing and helicopter) geophysical exploration, environmental science, and monitoring application. IMPAC is integrated in a single rack-mountable enclosure that meets aviation requirements.
The IMPAC follows NUVIA Dynamics’ modular design structure producing highly flexible and easily reconfigurable instrument for Airborne surveys. Wide variety of proprietary “intelligent” instruments and third party sensors and instruments (Ex. magnetometer sensors, radiation detectors, airborne gravity-meter) can be quickly and easily interfaced.