Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software

NUVIA Dynamics’ DAQ (Data Acquisition)  software is based on precise GPS/GLONASS  time and geographical synchronization. The collected data is derived from multiple user-defined  sensors and detectors, which together  form  the essential part of NUVIA Dynamics’  unique Turnkey Solutions  for Geophysical Survey Systems / Radiation Monitoring.

DAQ Capabilities

DAQ is available for both airborne and portable applications. System set-up, self-diagnostics, real-time data verification along with error detection and notification guaranties the quality of all collected data.

All raw data is always recorded and when real time recalculation is possible , calculated data is displayed as charts or text for monitoring  (raw & calculated  data are recorded in PEI binary file format). If a Gamma spectrometer is used, full spectra (Up/Down &  Individual) are recorded and displayed during the survey.

Data is recorded in PEI binary format and can be examined (Basic QC), processed and exported to other well-known data formats (Geosoft GBN, Google Earth KMZ, KML, GPX, ASCII) using the DATAView supporting software.

The DAQ concept is designed for minimal operator interaction with software to keep all pre-set parameters and controls that gives the system flexibility in sensor selection for different use such as monitoring or surveying.


Navigation is an essential part of the DAQ. The software allows to load the pre-planned survey area and provides the pilot or operator with:

  •     Guidance for airborne or ground coverage
  •     Ability to select survey or tie lines, measuring points (way points), etc.

A special Pilot Guidance Unit (PGU)* provides cross-track guidance, altitude and other information related to the start/end of the line, next line or way point, etc. The navigation part of the DAQ can also provide drape flight profile for pilot related and calculated from the digital terrain model and performance charts of a selected aircraft. An Advanced Navigation System can be purchased separately (ANAV).

| Airborne /Mobile Systems
|Operating System – Windows
|AGIS (navigation & multiple sensor  control SW)
| Ground  Systems
|Operating System – Android
|PEICore (built-in navigation & corresponding services for Gamma Radiation & Magnetics)

*Applicable for airborne DAQ

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