Geophysical Systems

  SpectrometryMagnetics ♦  Electromagnetic

All NUVIA Dynamics’ Data Acquisition systems are able to display a geographical information (map, aerial photo) overlain with the navigation information. Complete operator/pilot navigation guidance system is included in ancillary Data acquisition systems.

We utilize a reliable and versatile but flexible data recording structure to streamline our offer and deliver one cusomized set of field QC and data format conversion programs support for  all NUVIA Dynamics’ instruments.

Common philosophy and similar controls of different Data systems had been devised in order to reduce the learning time of the operator when switching instruments (airborne, track-borne or portable).

Common survey preparation and geographical image calibration, as well as post data collection trace visualization support software is included with each Data acquisition system .

The most popular  data systems:

IMPAC  (Integrated Muli-Parameter Airborne Console)  –  A real time data acquisition and navigation system designed for Airborne (fixed wing and helicopter)  Geophysical Exploration, Environmental Science,  and Monitoring Application

PGIS   (Portable Geophysical Information System) – A lightweight robust real time data acquisition and navigation system. Ideal for uranium exploration, geologic mapping or locating radioactive materials. The PGIS-2 installed in vehicles are fast and reliable ground survey systems designed for a range of mixed terrain.

NuTEM™  (Helicopter Time Domain Electromagnetic) – Compact size and light-weight profile provides versatile airborne operation in rough terrain and on-ground maneuverability.

The magnetometer gamma-ray spectrometer and electromagnetic systems can be integrated which gives  a flexibility to make a complete multi-parameter geophysical system.