Data Acquisition with Magnetics (IMPAC-M)

IMPAC-M is a real-time data acquisition and navigation system designed for airborne (fixed wing and helicopter) geophysical exploration, environmental science, and monitoring applications. Housed in a  single rack-mountable enclosure that meets aviation requirements, the IMPAC-M follows NUVIA Dynamic’s modular design structure producing highly flexible and easily reconfigurable instrument for Airborne surveys.

The system provides survey navigation with a drape profile option;  data acquisition;  support of up to 8 Cesium magnetic sensors; online magnetic compensation; real-time coefficient calculation and guidance for the compensation maneuver.

As a data acquisition platform, it supports a wide variety of proprietary “intelligent” instruments and third party sensors and instruments (E.g. magnetometer sensors, radiation detectors, airborne gravity-meter) can be quickly and easily interfaced.


The IMPAC-M can support up to 8 cesium magnetometer sensors. Data sampling rate up to 1200Hz with a high sensitivity & resolution (0.2pT Sensor dependent).  Aircraft mounted boom systems have available an optional compensation. The system features a real-time compensation and a recording of compensation data file that can be used for post-mission compensation or re-compensation. The system can also be set with Time Domain EM equipment, synchronizing magnetometer sensor reading with Electromagnetic field pulsation.


Magnetometer board specifications

INPUT: up to 8 sensors
Resolution: 0.2 pT

Internal Sampling Rate: 1200Hz
Output sampling rates: 5,10,20,25,30,50 60,100,120 Hz
Bandwidth: 0.7 – 16.8 Hz
Analog Inputs: 8 differential simultaneous sampled, 16 bit resolution, 1200 Hz sampling Dynamic range: 15000 – 100000 nTesla (limited only by sensor)
Synchronization: GPS-PPS better than 1 microsecond
Optional compensation: Fluxgate magnetometers or attitude reference

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