A real-time data acquisition and navigation system designed for airborne (fixed wing and helicopter) geophysical exploration, environmental science, and monitoring application. IMPAC is integrated in a single rack-mountable enclosure that meets aviation requirements.
The IMPAC follows NUVIA Dynamic’s modular design structure producing highly flexible and easily reconfigurable instrument for Airborne surveys. Wide variety of proprietary “intelligent” instruments and
third party sensors and instruments (E.g. magnetometer sensors, radiation detectors, airborne gravity-meter) can be quickly and easily interfaced.

The IMPAC system can be assembled featuring following options:
• ANAV – Survey navigation with drape profile option; flight path is being recorded and can be synchronized with the separately acquired data;
• IMPAC – Survey navigation with drape profile option;  Data acquisition for variety of sensors;
• IMPAC-M – Survey navigation with drape profile option; Data acquisition; Support of up to 8 Cs magnetic sensors; Real-time Magnetic compensation; Online coefficient calculation & guidance for the compensation maneuvers is provided by AGIS