NUVIA Dynamics provides accessory software for use with its instrumentation systems. These include software packages for corrections, quality control, processing and display of data from geophysical and other surveys. This section provides an overview of software for data acquisition and supporting software systems.

Data Acquisition Software

The comopany delivers data acquisition software for both Airborne and Mobile (Ground / Vehicular) applications as noted below.

Airborne Data Acquisition (AGIS)

PC-based DAQ systems, such as the Advanced Geophysical Information System (AGIS), exploit the processing power, productivity, display, and connectivity capabilities of industry-standard computers — providing a more powerful, flexible, and cost-effective measurement solution.

AGIS Navigation Window

It provides capabilities for:

  • Real-time data monitoring and recording.
  • Advanced navigation.
  • Data display and quality control.

Pilot Guidance Unit (PGU)

AGIS provides magnified controls and keyboard shortcuts to control survey operations in unstable flight conditions. For example, arrow key or magnified buttons are used to change a locked line. The AGIS touch screen allows magnified buttons to appear on demand.

Real time spectra Window

Mobile Data Acquisition Software

NUVIA Dynamics provides PC- or Android-based software  for recording and monitoring data from mobile surveys. The PC software is RADAq and the Android software is RADAqLite.

RADaq is a fully featured Windows™-based data acquisition system for NUVIA Dynamics’ radiation detection and monitoring equipment. It provides functions for setting up a project; executing a project; performing surveillance navigation; initiating real-time alarming; identifying radioisotopes; and initiating reachback capabilities.

RADaqLite is an Android™ based client for  NUVIA Dynamics’ radiation detection instruments and systems based on AGRS technology. The system is auto calibrated by natural photo peaks. It consists of one or multiple detector units and optional master unit with integrated GPS and ancillary equipment.

RADaqLite can be connected to the system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. RADAqLite controls the system, accumulates and saves the data as well as provides extended features, such as real-time radioisotope identification, user-configured  alarms, visual data tracing over the moving map, etc.

The system can be equipped with a Thallium-activated Sodium Iodide NaI(Tl) crystal, plastic sensor, or GM gamma radiation detectors and / or optionally neutron radiation sensors.

Supporting Software

NUVIA Dynamics’ supporting software includes general data visualization software, software for preparing survey grids and geo-referencing maps, software for radiation applications, and lastly, software for magnetic compensation / magnetic applications. This section provides a brief overview these packages (provided with instrumentation).


This program is used to view and perform quality control on data, its full evaluation, as well as some basic filtering, and correction. It serves the purpose of providing key software that delivers powerful capabilities without the necessity to acquire expensive commercial programs.

The software is a natural environment for working with data acquired with NUVIA Dynamics’ portable (PGIS/PDOSE/RADScout) and airborne (AGIS/IRIS/SIRIS/ANAV/RADPatrol) data acquisition systems.


This program is used to convert and to calibrate map images into a *.BMP file that carries the information necessary for proper positioning of the map in AGIS/IRIS/SIRIS/ANAV/RADPatrol (hereafter referred as Airborne/Mobile) system and PGIS/PDOSE/RADScout (hereafter referred as Portable) instruments in real-time operation. This program ties the coordinates of the map with the coordinates obtained in real time from the GPS/Glonass navigation receivers. It can be used on any PC compatible computer with operating system Windows XP and newer.

In addition, the program allows you to create and define the survey area file (AREA.XYZ) that is required for determining the co-ordinates of flight lines and control lines. You may view the survey area with the flight and control lines overlaid on the defined area, and you may also display the survey area superimposed on the geographical map (if available).


The AGRSCalib program provides means for verification of proper operation of the digital spectral detection. It does not provide physical description of properties of the gamma spectrometer such as sensitivities and stripping constants. These parameters must be established by physical measurements on defined calibration places (calibration pads etc.).  You can also use the program to operate in Real-Time for data verification.


Praga4 is radiometric processing package which utilizes maximum of information stored in the gamma-ray spectrum to evaluate radiation of natural and man-made radioactive ground sources. The processing requires spectra at resolution 256 or 512 channels and auxiliary data channels such as live time and STP (standard temperature and pressure) altitude, alternatively data channels necessary for evaluation of STP.


The MAGCOMP program provides means for calculating compensation coefficients to be used for compensation of magnetic surveys either dynamically or following the survey. Results are output to the PEIFOM program for Figure of Merit determination and determination of correction quality.


A figure of merit in magnetic data acquisition work is a quantity representing the efficiency of magnetic compensation. The PEI FOM program was designed to calculate figure of merit and runs following the computation of compensation coefficients using the MAGCOMP software program.

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