A New Approach in the Air for Exploration

NUVIA Dynamics is known as a proven designer of premium-quality airborne geophysical instruments, including the proprietary Nu-TEM™ Electromagnetic system and advanced Radiometrics and Magnetics. With 30 years of helicopter and fixed wing experience in hand, NUVIA Dynamics is now pleased to offer a new approach to airborne services — servicing explorers and environmental specialists with one-stop quality surveys, data processing, and interpretation based on the latest NUVIA Dynamics’ geophysical technologies. We also deliver value through some of the most attractive prices available today.

Our service focuses on the advanced Nu-TEM™ Electromagnetic system with optional Radiometrics and / or Magnetics. The Nu-TEM™ system is a leading airborne three-component system (x,y,z), featuring high resolution and intermediate depth of investigation up to 350 m (geological conditions apply). And, with more than 150 installations for the company’s Radiometric and Magnetic technologies, NUVIA Dynamics’ also have a particular expertise with airborne data – this combined expertise being one of the keys to delivering a quality geophysical surveying service.

In terms of pricing, our survey model enables us to dynamically provide high quality at an industry-attractive rate. Instrumentation costs are nominal, and we bring survey efficiencies to bear through years of geophysical professional practice ranging across all exploration sectors– from gold to base metals to graphite. With  one-stop services, including survey design, planning, processing and interpretation, we operate from a central facility near Toronto, Canada with global reach and deployment.

High-Resolution Helicopter and Fixed Wing Surveys

NUVIA Dynamics takes fixed wing and helicopter surveying to a new level. We know all relevant survey platforms and their capabilities and also, how to extract maximum value on these platforms from design to acquisition to interpretation stages with precision data acquisition from premier instrumentation. Sample HEM results from  the Reed-Mahaffey site in Canada are a case in point, showing  the high resolution of Nu-TEM™ Electromagnetics for targets up to 350 m (geological conditions apply).

We acquire data with IMPAC – the leading airborne geophysical data acquisition system with precision navigation giving excellent ground positioning for drilling. IMPAC  throughputs high-volume data from multiple data streams from specialized of sensors. NuTEM™ sensors record time domain data from defined windows in both early and late times. NUVIA Dynamics’ magnetics platform is capable of 2 pT measurement so that we have the  unique ability to take full advantage of the high sensitivities of today’s modern sensors. Similarly, our Radiometric results set a standard for high resolution spectral mapping with 2048 channels from each on-board sensor crystal.

Advanced Airborne Survey Services

In delivering integrated geophysical services, we focus on specific components that add value for our clients step-by-step through the survey process. We offer integrated Geophysical Consulting, Survey Design, Survey Delivery, Data Processing, and Data Interpretation (optional). An overview of these offerings is below:

Geophysical Consulting:

We review historical data to determine essential survey parameters and recommend a survey platform (helicopter or fixed wing) with other factors, such as geology, structure, and depth of investigation in mind. With a talented team of geophysicists and interpreters, our goal from the start is to help you turn unexplored or under-explored ground into discovery.

Survey Design

NUVIA Dynamics’ survey design philosophy is that surveys must be planned effectively both to illuminate targets and to meet budgetary requirements. With more than 50 years of geophysical experience at hand, we combine historical data with well-developed knowledge of deposits and deposit styles to develop a survey plan. Our proprietary survey planning  software ensures proper coverage and survey orientation. We design surveys to deliver some of the lowest costs in the air.

Survey Delivery

As professional data acquisition experts, our focus is on high resolution surveys using the Nu-TEM™ Electromagnetic system and optional Radiometric and Magnetic data acquisition. With careful logistical and survey planning, we minimize survey time and down-time – taking advantage of  built-in efficiencies and the proven performance  of NUVIA Dynamics’ systems. Surveys flown with NUVIA Dynamics achieve a new standard in resolution, quality, low-cost data acquisition, and targeting. And we ensure that you know exactly how and why the data were acquired, and the steps we took to ensure the highest level of data quality and resolution.

Delivering the Survey Deliverables

NUVIA Dynamics strives to provide the most comprehensive deliverables in the airborne surveying sector in the form of detailed reports, raw and processed data, and interpretations (if requested). We work to finish projects quickly so that you can start the next phase as soon as possible — whether you are drilling directly from the airborne data or implementing a follow-up ground survey. High-resolution results are plotted in industry-standard formats so that you can easily integrate them with existing data.

Integrated Interpretation of Results

If requested, we can also perform meaningful, comprehensive interpretations of all acquired data from Electromagnetics to Magnetics to Radiometrics. With more than 50 years of geophysical experience, we deliver leadership in interpretation using the latest methods.

Interpretation of Nu-TEM™ data is a particular specialty based on our in-house knowledge of this proprietary technology. We also have advanced EM, Radiometrics and Magnetics targeting and modeling (for EM and Magnetics) available. We feature Integrated Interpretation — a process that combines all relevant data to unlock added exploration value for our clients.

Benefits of NUVIA Dynamic’s Airborne Geophysical Services

From our client’s eyes, we offer a unique solution based on proprietary instrumentation and geophysical expertise proven on work with test sites and major mining companies.

We invite you to consider NUVIA Dynamics for your next fixed wing or helicopter survey – we apply complex, multi-parameter data and interpretations to meet the specific needs of both explorers and environmental specialists. And in the bottom line, our goal is to offer unique value at an attractive price — based on a novel offering and the latest in proven NUVIA Dynamics technologies and software.

For more information and inquiries on NUVIA Dynamics’ airborne surveys, please contact us at info@nuvia-dynamics.com.