Mob-DOSE_8_OKThe PDOSE-3 is designed for mobile and portable radiation protection including fi eld measurements, selective sampling and stationary monitoring.
Equipped with two energy compensated Geiger Tubes, the device covers a wide range of measurements from 50nSv/h up to 400 mSv/h of GDER (Gamma-Dose Equivalent Rate).
The user interface and data acquisition system are based on the Android OS and can be hosted on any portable device such as a smart-phone, a tablet or a note-book.
Communication between the PDOSE-3 detector and the selected data logger is set via Bluetooth protocol.
The interface software allows the user to control acquired data and GDER in a real time mode, select continuous recording or station mode accumulative measurements or to follow selected survey lines or way-points using GPS navigation system.
The acquired data is automatically synchronized with GPS position and time. The data is saved on internal SD memory cards in binary format.
The PDOSE-3 PEI can operate in a black-box mode continually collecting the data after switching on. Data is simultaneously recorded on internal Micro SD card. The GPS time and location synchronized data will be copied to the Data acquisition device once connected.