•     Selection of the most appropriate data for coefficient calculatingcmp1
  •     Viewing compensation results immediately
  •     Data editing if required without corruption of original data set
  •     Allows importation of source data from ASCII format

PEIComp is a fast and convenient method to create a magnetic coefficient file used for magnetic compensation. The source data is the PEI binary data file recorded during a compensation test flight or imported data(ASCII). The coefficient file is created in ASCII format and is used for post compensation of magnetic data. The input data must contain at least three-axis fluxgate information, raw magnetometer data, and X and Y coordinates for heading calculations. Usually four sets of coefficients are created – one of each for the four cardinal headings.cmp2

The PEIComp SW helps to select the best data record range for each heading and save it into separate file. Only values from selected range will be used for calculation of the coefficients.

When the coefficient file is saved  magnetic compensation corrections can be applied to raw magnetometer data and check compensation quality.

PEIComp also allows editing the magnetic data to remove spikes or dropouts if necessary, before coefficients are calculated. You may proceed with digital analysis of the compensation using

PEI FOM – Figure of Merit Calculation Softwarefom

A figure of merit is a quantity that represents the efficiency of magnetic compensation.  A figure of merit (FOM) is calculated for both pre- and post-compensated data.