• Calibration of static  maps to be used in PEI Data Aquisition Systems
  • Survey area/lines/points  creation
  • UTM, Lambert and Universal Polar Stereographic projections
  • Flight path examination

Any geographical map, or aerial photograph, may be scanned on a digital scanner to produce a digital image of the area or  obtained from Google Maps using GoogleMapsConvert application, also supplied with PEI Support Programs. The calibrated map is saved as a geo-referenced bmp for further usage in the data acquisition systems.


The application allows you to create the full survey project (XYZ file for Airborne or Ground survey) that contains survey area coordinates, tie lines, survey lines, special lines and way points description. You can also import lines created by Geosoft SW.


Using this SW you may also control survey history, updating flown lines or  defining re-fly lines. The result PEI binary data file can be opened to review the flown path and selected data.