PEICore (PEI Instruments Core System) is an advanced software specifically designed for portable or mobile geophysical or environmental ground survey work. The software is user friendly in data display, data storage and retrieval.

PEICore is developed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers (Android OS)

User interface is based on direct manipulation and allows acquiring information about the status of the remote sensor for display/monitor and/or for recording the wide range of data channels

Real-time wireless communication (Bluetooth) between Detector Unit & Android based Data Acquisition System (PEICore) provides the full flexibility for maneuvers. Advances in wireless technology have also made data transmission faster and more secure.

Various range of data can be monitored/recorded.

As an example for the PGIS-2 (Spectrometer) : full spectrum,  K_cps, U_cps, Th_cps (additional ROI can be defined), Dose_nGy/h,  K_pct, U_ppm and Th_ppm channels are calculated in the real time ( the values may be observed in the main Spectrum view (geophysical mode) , navigation screen  or in the charts view). The result PEI binary file contains the above channels for further analysis.

Automatic synchronization of acquired data to the GPS position and time provides very close correlation between data and geographical position.  The data structure usually contains GPS position information, device status, essential physical properties and measurements. Data are recorded in PEI binary format (standard for all PEI DAQ),  can  be pre-processed in DATAView/MAPConvert.

Andoid OS allows easy maintenance and upgrades for the latest versions.

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