All of NUVIA Dynamics’ products are designed to be lightweight, rugged, and versatile. The instrument packages are able to be used either as stand alone instruments easily interfaced into the users existing systems.

Alternatively, our data acquisition and navigation systems allow simple and efficient interfacing of sensor arrays already owned by the user. The data inputs of the Data Acquisition system are electrically equivalent and require just proper protocol decoding. This simplifies the task of implementing a new “Intelligent” sensor.

Our sensor arrays, acquisition systems and interfaces are designed using low power consumption micro-processors and peripherals, utilizing the widely accepted PC104 mechanical and electrical standards.

Our intelligent instrumentation is able to handle raw data from multiple sensors through advanced digital processing. Sensor packages and related support electronics and firmware are designed provide the user with both raw and processed data.

NUVIA Dynamics provides an extensive suite of software to support all of our instrumentation. The software allows the user to quickly and efficiently perform QC on the acquitted data while in the field, perform diagnostic tests on the data system functions as well as the individual sensors, test and calibrate the various sensors.

The company also provides software for survey area design, grid layout, creation of map underlay, flight path checking and data export to ASCII or Geosoft GBN files from NUVIA Dynamics’ proprietary binary file format.

Find more details in Geophysical and Radiation Monitoring Equipment.  A basic list of products includes:

Radioelement Detection

  • RADScout – vehicular gamma ray detection.
  • RADPatrol – airborne, ground and standoff radiation detection.
  • PGIS-2 –  backpack radiation detection

Geophysical Instrumentation

  • NuTEM™ – airborne Electromagnetics
  • IMPAC-M – airborne data acquisition with Magnetics
  • PBM – base station magnetometer
  • AGRS – advanced gamma ray spectrometer
  • ANAV – navigation

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