Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Systems

NUVIA Dynamics offers a complete range of advanced spectrometers and ancillary equipment for Airborne, Vehicle-borne and Portable Spectrometry Surveys. Our spectrometer system installations can be fully customized depending on the aircraft/vehicle type and survey requirements. We also provide extensive training on all aspects of installation and geophysical surveys and we can tailor training to individual requirements.

NUVIA Dynamics’ spectrometer’s cutting edge of technology coupled with software featuring advanced algorithms, and its user-friendly and rugged nature clearly makes in a LEADER in this segment.

Airborne / Mobile Gamma-Ray Spectrometry


Pico provides spectrometer systems that can be installed on Helicopter or fixed-wing platform. Depending on the survey requirements and/or budget, the spectrometers can be used as a stand-alone unit or it can be combined with Data Acquisition system and other ancillaries to make it a complete survey system.

i. AGRS Stand-alone Spectrometers

All AGRS Advanced Gamma Ray Spectrometers are self-contained and can be operated as stand-alone systems. AGRS comes with various NaI crystal configurations which provide flexibility to choose crystal volumes depending on speed, altitude and payload capacity of the aircraft. For example, one AGRS-4 or AGRS-5 box can be effectively used on helicopter platform, but more units are suggested to be used for installation in Fixed-wing aircraft.

Use of more crystals raises effective detector volume and detection surface that results in better statistics on higher survey speed; but it increases the weight of detection module. The AGRS-2 and AGRS-1 are available for lightweight solutions.

ii. Complete Turn-key Spectrometer Survey Systems

AGRS spectrometers can also be combined with our IMPAC-M data acquisition and navigation system, GPS, altimeters and other ancillaries, which makes it a complete survey system.

The Integrated Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometry system acquires and controls data in real-time mode; synchronizes internal data with GPS time, defines location and survey area parameters; provides advanced survey navigation with operator and pilot control, including drape profile option; provides connection of additional or custom sensors.

The Airborne Gamma-Ray spectrometer can be also integrated with our airborne magnetometer system and/or with helicopter towed Time-Domain EM (NuTEM).

Portable / Mobile Gamma-Ray Spectrometry


NUVIA Dynamics Inc. offers portable and mobile instruments based on the PGIS system for ground surveys.

The PGIS spectrometers are designed with advanced microprocessor and mobile wireless technologies, which are equipped with a high sensitivity built-in GPS sensor and has an ability to connect external GPS sensor.

The wireless technologies and Android© based data acquisition system allow the detector unit to be as far as 15 meters away from operator with data logger. The data logger can be set on various portable devices such as smart-phones, tablets, or laptops. Real time 1 second spectra and additional calculated information is acquired in continues mode, which allows the PGIS instruments to be used in walking or driving mode.

Depending on the survey scope, you have an option to choose from the folllowing solutions:

  • PGIS-2 equipped with 0.347L NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal is relatively light and very convenient for walking survey. The detector module can be carried in hand or placed on the back-pack mount plate.
  •  PGIS-2-1 equipped with 1L NaI(Tl) detector or PGIS-2-2 equipped with 2L NaI(Tl) detector can be used for walking survey or installed on a vehicle such as quad-bike, cart, or a car.
  • PGIS-2-4 equipped with 4L NaI(Tl) detector is aimed for motorized mobile surveys. This high sensitivity system can be easily set in a car or pick-up track.

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