RADScout Radiation Monitor

RADScout is a ruggedized field and mobile spectrometry surveillance RadioIsotope IDentification Device (RIID) primarily designed for gamma radiation detection and monitoring in a variety of environments.

You can use RADScout to perform surveys related to the following:

  • Homeland Security.
  • Remediation, Assessment and / or Characterization of existing, decommissioned or shutdown state nuclear sites.
  • Geophysical Applications.

It can be deployed in a portable or backpack configuration and optionally fixed to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV). An external Global Positioning System (GPS) is included. Options such as Laser Altimeters are also provided in the RADScout system.

RADScout Ruggedized Radiation Monitor: PDF

For more information and inquiries about the RADScout, please refer to the RADScout brochure above or contact us at info@nuvia-dynamics.com