Navigation System

Survey Planning & Navigation

Pico provides standalone survey navigation system ANAV  that provides GPS data recording, real time display of survey lines and position of aircraft, drape flying and much more. It is an ideal companion for any geo-referenced survey. Survey planning, and flight -path displaying (PEIView provides KMZ export) are available when using PEI Supporting Software.

PEIConvert - Survey Planning

PEIConvert – Survey Planning

PEIConvert - Survey Results

PEIConvert – Survey Results



Airborne Survey Navigation

Any Data Aquisition System  designed by Pico is  amplified by a Navigation extension with  a lot of features, such as pilot guidance,  track information; drape flying; automated survey mode for flights with no-operator on board; guidance through the survey lines and way-points; identification of test lines during the flight; crew-safe operation guidance (for radiation monitoring); etc.

The PEIView provides trace of flight lines and other survey information as an output file (in ASCII, Geosoft, KMZ) that can be easily combined with survey data (if the survey data is recorded with separate equipment).




Airborne Navigation

Airborne Navigation


Ground Survey Navigation

The survey navigation is a very useful tool for walking or vehicle based surveys. Pico navigation solution makes the survey more efficient and adds value by providing flexibility to the field crew to work on regular survey grid, or to make observation points/way points measurements, or to follow geological structures/ roads.

The navigation system can use high sensitivity GPS on the detector unit; or data-logger build-in; or external GPS sensor.

Ground navigation can be supplied separately from measuring instruments; available for Windows or Android operation system.