Product List

NUVIA Dynamics maintains an R&D program designed to deliver the latest in airborne, ground and mobile instrumentation systems. Here we give a brief overview of the main systems:

Helicopter EM (NuTEM™)

NUVIA Dynamics’ HEM system is a premier instrumentation system focused on very high resolution surveys to intermediate depths (300 to 350 m, geology dependent).


Magnetic Compensation / Data Acquisition (IMPAC-M)

IMPAC-M is the company’s airborne acquisition system which is a proven, reliable performer for high volume airborne data acquisition.


Magnetic Base Station (PBM)

The PBM is a low-noise, high-sensitivity magnetometer for acquiring base station data as required for magnetic diurnal corrections.


Advanced Gamma Ray Spectrometer (AGRS)

AGRS Advanced Gamma Ray Spectrometers are self-contained and can be operated as stand-alone systems.

AGRS comes with various NaI crystal configurations which provide flexibility to choose crystal volumes depending on speed, altitude and payload capacity of the aircraft. For example, one AGRS-4 or AGRS-5 box can be effectively used on helicopter platform, but more units arsuggested to be used for installation in Fixed-wing aircraft.


Airborne, Ground and Vehicular Radiometrics (RADPatrol – A, B and SO)

RADPatrol is based on NUVIA Dynamics’ expertise in radiation measurements taken from moving platforms (fixed-wing, helicopter and vehicular platforms). The algorithms provide observed data recalculation to the ground level, real-time identification of selected radionuclides, alarms and intelligent navigation and survey guidance.

Portable Radiometrics (RADScout)

NUVIA Dynamics mobile solution is the RADScout — a fully configured radiation detection and analysis system.

Portable Radiometrics  – Ground Geophysics (PGIS-2)

The instrument is designed for portable and mobile spectrometry surveys and in a variety of environments. The system is auto calibrated by natural photo peaks, consisting of a detector unit, integrated with GPS, and a data logger unit based on state-of-the-art Android portable devices, such as a smart-phone, a tablet or a notebook.


Portable Radiometrics – Radiation Applications (PGIS-2)

The instrument is designed for portable or backpack application of radiation detection and monitoring in a variety of environments. The PGIS-2 provides recording of a full spectra; real-time dose calculation from spectra; Radio Isotope Identification (RIID) alarming of preset events; stationary data accumulation; synchronized comments; and has an option for sending data to the server.


Airborne Navigation (ANAV)

NUVIA Dynamics Inc. offers an advanced navigation system ANAV designed for airborne geophysical survey tasks either for Fixed-Wing or Helicopter*.


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