Product List

PDF       AIRIS – Airborne Integrated Radiation Information System

PDF       AGRS – Advanced Gamma-ray Spectrometer

PDF       SIRIS – Stand-Off Integrated Radiation Information System

PDF       IMPAC – Integrated Multi-Parameter Airborne Console – a real-time data acquisition and navigation system designed for Airborne (fi xed wing and helicopter)  Geophysical Exploration, Environmental Science,  and Monitoring Application

PDF       IMPAC-M – IMPAC with Survey Navigation with Drape Profile option,  support of up to 8 Cs Magnetic Sensors with Magnetic Compensation option

PDF       IRIS -Gamma radiation detection/monitoring System

PDF       ANAV – An advanced Navigation System designed for Airborne Geophysical Survey tasks. The ANAV can guide pilot to the preplanned Survey Grid, along Survey Lines, Way-Points, indicating preplanned Drape Profile.
PDF       P-THEM – Versatile helicopter EM system features a powerful Compact Transmitter, a 3-Axis Receiver and digital Data Acquisition & system control

PDF        PBM – Base Station Magnetometer

PDF        PGIS-2 – Portable/Mobile Gamma-ray Spectrometer for Ground Geophysics Applications

PDF        PGIS-2 – Portable/Mobile Gamma-ray Spectrometer for Radiation Applications

PDF        PDOSE-3 – Portable/Mobile Radiation Monitoring System