Radiation Detection

Radioactive materials are widely used in energy, heavy machinery and medicine production, science and many other areas. This results in a higher risk of dislocation of used radioactive materials even though that sophisticated procedures are used to control the movement of such materials. For that reason there is a need for a fast affordable service to resolve situation when the mishandling of radioactive materials happens either by an accident or malicious intent.

This includes storage and transportation control, emergency response for detection search and recovery of radioactive materials. This type of actions require a global approach, adequate instrumentation, logistics and sophisticated, internationally interconnected processing power.

It requires airborne, vehicle-based, portable, stationary (in-situ) detection and monitoring systems, field contamination sampling and laboratory analysis and identification.

NUVIA Dynamics provides a wide range of nuclear and radiation technology solutions. Technology platforms are designed for quick deployment and response on a variety of platforms for a variety of project demands. NUVIA Dynamics Radiation Monitoring  solutions  are ideally suited for use in the following  response events:

  • Regional and territorial radiation monitoring including urban and industrial areas.
  • Fast and accurate data tracking and analysis.
  • Real time data accuracy and integrity.
  • Site radioactive contamination identification.
  • Localization and identification of unknown radioactive sources.
  • Non-standard monitoring including at water sources, checkpoints, exit points and at transportation hubs.
  • Simulation tests and radioactive event preparation.

Explore the range of applications available with NUVIA Dynamics Inc. Nuclear and Radiation monitoring products and solutions.

Radiation Detection Solutions

NUVIA Dynamics delivers Air, Ground and Standoff (SO) capabilities in its radiation detection systems.

Airborne Radiation Surveillance

NUVIA Dynamics Inc. offers customized turn-key solutions for Airborne Radiation Surveillance. Either, you will use a Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Helicopter or UAV platform or, we will design, build and install a system that will perfectly fit your applications.

Vehicle Radiation Monitoring

NUVIA Dynamics Inc. offers a number of different solutions for Mobile Radiation Surveillance, including Radiation Mapping and Monitoring. 

Stand-Off Radiation Detection (SORD)

NUVIA Dynamics Inc. has developed a new Vehicle Mounted Measuring System specifically for SORD tasks. The standard RADPatrol / SO (Stand-Off Integrated Radiation Information System) technology can be used for a custom task oriented solution, such as mobile radiation portals, truck platform mounted radiation situation monitoring platforms, maritime applications, etc.

Ground Radiation Systems

The company manufactures both portable and Standoff radiation systems as described below:

Portable and Backpack Radiation Detection

PGIS-2 provides continuous radiation detection and monitoring solution for portable and backpack application. The large effective volume sensor with GPS synchronization allows the data to be acquired with non-stop surveillance, while either on-foot or using scooters.

The data logger based on mobile technologies provides real-time data visualization, customizable alerting, data transfer to a reachback center and selected isotope detection (ID) options.

 For more information and inquiries on Radiation Detection Solutions, please contact us at info@nuvia-dynamics.com.

NUVIATech Instruments

NUVIA Dynamics also proudly offers and provides Sales/Service in North America for several other radiation measurement products from its NUVIA-related sister companies located in Germany, the Czech Republic, France and the UK under the NUVIATech Instruments brand.  Please click here for more information.