NUVIATech Instruments

NUVIA Dynamics also proudly offers and provides Sales/Service in North America for selected radiation measurement products from its NUVIA-related sister companies located in Germany, the Czech Republic, France and the UK under the NUVIATech Instruments brand. 

With NUVIATECH Instruments, NUVIA Dynamics is pleased to provide standard and tailored measurement solutions to nuclear owners, operators and stakeholders for all stages of the facilities’ life-cycle. We can supply both components (detectors, analysers and software) and complete measurement systems which can incorporate carrier equipment, conveyor equipment, GPS control, signal processing units.

From modelling to implementation, NUVIATECH Instruments uses exclusive know-how and state-of-the art technologies in its monitoring systems dedicated to six major fields of application: waste management, homeland security, laboratories, health physics, continuous process monitoring and environmental monitoring.

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