Supporting Software

NUVIA Dynamics provides a wide range of supporting software for its instrumentation systems:

  • Planning the survey
  • Instruments calibration
  • Flight path examination &  data visualzation
  • Data Quality Control
  • Post-mission data processing
  • Advanced data export to Geosoft  & Google Earth


This software is for visualizing raw data as well as performing basic quality control.


This software enables geo-referencing (calibration) of maps as well as survey planning.


This software is for displaying and windowing (filtering) Electromagnetic data from airborne surveys.

EMDataViewer – EM Data Viewer & Basic Processing


This software is for viewing spectra and determining a model of behavior for radioelemental data.

Praga4 – Spectrum Viewer and Analysys


This software is for the calibration of radioelements through NUVIA Dynamics gamma ray and other instruments.


This software is for post-flight compensation of magnetic data.


This software computes the Figure of Merit and corresponding tolerances as exhibited in the data.


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