RADPatrol / SO

RADPatrol is a Stand-Off Integrated Radiation Information System recently designed as a SORD system that can be quickly and easily deployed in a wide range of SUV or VAN type vehicles for emergency, first-response, homeland security or any other type of CBRNe surveillance. The compact one-box detection module installed in the trunk of a vehicle provides effective detection of gamma and neutron radiation sources.

The rugged laptop based data acquisition module, uses NUVIA Dynamics designed algorithms providing different features, including (but not limited to) directional radiation recognition, isotope identification based on selected isotope library, real time data visualization and tracing, customizable event alarming, dynamic and static data acquisition modes and data transmission to the reachback center.


The RADPatrol / SO can be adjusted to pursue different radiation surveillance tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Street patrol and security tasks
  • Search and Recovery of uncontrolled radioactive sources
  • CBRNe Emergency First Response support
  • Undercover area monitoring
  • Real-time data plotting on the map
  • Illegal radioactive material transportation
  • Dynamic and Static monitoring of significant sites

RADPatrol / SO System Description


A standard Detection Module consists of two (2) NaI(Tl) scintillation crystals – 4 Liter volume each, energy compensated GM-detector tube, and Neutron detector. The Detection Module can be placed in a vehicle trunk/cargo area on a shock-absorbing plate. Each crystal is equipped with an individual Multi-channel Analyzer. The Detection Module performs independent recording/backup of the raw data to internal memory.



A Detection Module has either wireless or Ethernet communication with the Data Acquisition system installed on a rugged laptop. The laptop can be fix-mounted in the cabin. The Data Acquisition system provides sufficient information for the crew, including real-time selected channel data tracing on the map, customizable alerts and notifications, detection confidence monitor, real-time isotopes identification, etc.

Customizable audio and flashing alerts can be set for each mission. The system will notify the operator when the event is present. The system also provides safety alarms, alerting when the area with a dangerous radiation dose level is detected.

The system offers dynamic and static mode data acquisition.

Collected data can be transferred to the reach-back center at any time during the mission.


NUVIA Dynamics Inc. has designed supporting software that provides the capability to review, replay, reprocess, visualize and export data collected during surveillance.

The Data Quality Control and analysis tools are useful to verify and re-evaluate observed information. The possibility to visualize multiple channels simultaneously, allows the operator to evaluate and confirm identified contamination areas. The data can be exported to GIS and ANSI N42.42 formats for following visualization and reports.




For more information and inquiries on RADPatrol / SO, please refer to the related brochure or contact us at info@nuvia-dynamics.com